What parents say

"I have already seen such an improvement in his confidence it is staggering"


"Olivia has had an amazing time on the farm. As for the three outcomes, I have seen significant changes especially expressing her feelings about the Dad she lost. Her confidence has definitely grown and her ability to address others especially adults has increased. It has also highlighted her passion in this area, we may have a future farmer on our hands"


"There's little we can say other than Daniel absolutely loved his time at the farm and will talk endlessly about his day, he doesn't do that with anything else."


"Laura's time on the farm has been amazing, with help and support she has become more confident, self esteem is picking up she has learnt that she can go and do things that she is asked and not to worry if she gets it wrong as this is how you learn. She has learnt to be herself and to enjoy what she's doing, not to worry about tomorrow."


"It's been such a great experience for Ellis and he really has done extremely well there. It's so lovely to see the boys complete meaningful work - which they can see the reason for."


"I would like to thank you for arranging this opportunity for Ben. He has thoroughly enjoyed his time on the farm. It was the only thing he was enthusiastic about and would actually get up and ready with little prompting. His mood has definitely improved and he is going to start a college course in animal care from September."


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